Friday, January 2, 2015

Tate Update

I don't think I have blogged about this amazing little guys since we had him so I thought I would put up a fun pictures and update you all on his progress.

We love dressing him! So nice to pick out "boy" clothes

First smile: Oct 8...hasn't stopped smiling since! 

Handsome boy clothes

Loves being sisters, me or dad. So he plays games with Daddy a lot :)

He is our little thumb sucker.....refused to take the binkie! 

First tie! 

Tate is truly so happy. He is sleeping through the night, eats great, and most the time is truly content about life. At is four month appointment he was in the 89 percentile for height and 44 for weight. He seems to be growing like a weed. He also started rolling over on Dec 20 and we find him in the bed often on his belly. He loves when people sing to him and has already started to have the cutest belly laugh! This little guy is a joy in our family! 

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