Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Years Eve

December 31, 2014
For New Years Eve we stayed at home. We had friends come over later that night, but until they arrived we entertained the kids with some games. We started by teaching them Yahtzee...

Dad and Oakley were on a team...she was so funny when she rolled the dice

Lily took it all very seriously....

Then we did some minute to win it games...first get a cookie from your forehead to mouth without hands..

 I was the closest

Then we tried to balance a plate on our head while loading blocks without letting them fall

Dave killed us all! 

We also played so Just Dance and then when Jared and Amanda arrived with the kids we eat yummy food, chatted, and hung out until midnight. Oakley made it until 11pm and the older three girls all rang in the New Year at midnight! We had a blast and our all looking forward to a New Year with new adventures! 

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