Monday, January 5, 2015

Other Christmas Break Activities

December 30, 2014
Dave walked around the corner at the Dinosaur Museum and found us like this....

Now you might be wondering....why are they leaning up against a railing looking at the wall? Well the Dino Museum has Gnomes hide throughout the museum. Some our actually little ones (like smaller then the size of Oakleys pinkie finger) and some are painted into the wall murals. So ever time we go we search for them. Kylie thought she saw one so we were trying to confirm it. Sadly we didn't find one there. We did find 4 that day out of 13. They are really hard to find, but hopefully one day we will find them! 

January 3, 2015
We took the kids sledding over by the hill at Kmart. Grandma Tatum offered to watch Tate which was really nice so we could just enjoy being with the girls. They all loved sledding. Oakley was fearless and went down with anyone that would take her! We only had a few injuries towards the very end, but all and all it was a great time. I will say I ended up being very sore going over all those bumps and helping kids up and down the hill. Guess I'm not that young anymore! 

We had a great time over the break doing different things with the kids. Sadly its time to go back to school and normal life. My goal is to try and focus on family and although we have things that need to be done to find time to relax and be a family. Hopefully that will happen! 

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