Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Rain

June 17, 2014
A little summer rain doesn't slow these kids down! They had a blast dancing in the rain while Dave and I enjoyed sitting on the porch watching them. Afterwards we warmed up hot chocolate. Thats right hot chocolate in the middle of the summer! Totally worth it! 

Friday, June 20, 2014


So besides having fun with the kids I have been doing a lot of projects. I feel like I had to make up for the time I missed being sick and pregnant. Plus I have gone into cleaning and organizing over drive with this pregnancy and nesting has kicked into full gear. Its been great to get organized, but our DI pile is huge! Also I am pretty sure this is the cleanest our house has been when it comes to the deep cleaning aspect. Hoping to get the carpets cleaned soon to really finish it off......but are the projects....

Teacher Gifts: "Thanks for helping us grow"

We had to switch the kids rooms around to make room for the baby. That meant that the guest bedroom/storage room needed to become a room and we need to figure out what to do with all that stuff. I asked Dave to build me shelves in the closet. They turned out amazing!!! I love that I can ask Dave to do anything for me and he will figure out away. Now we have so much storage upstairs in the hallway and finally have a place for towels and blankets!  





We moved Lily downstairs....she gets the queen bed on the condition that when guests come she gets kicked out. She was fine with that. 

Oakley moved into the "butterfly room." She looks so big in a big girl bed!

In order to get ready for summer I also had to rework the quiet time stuff. With three kids that don't take naps, but still need down time I knew I needed something. Our church bag also needed some updating. I did a "busy bag swap" a month or so ago and thats where a lot of these activities came from and I also add more myself. Each bag (three for each main room) including the church bag includes 10 different activities ranging from counting, letters, patterns, colors, and sorting. They were a lot of work, but have been working out great. 

Found these bags at hobby lobby

Here are a few of the activities....

File folder matching game

Match the beginning letter

Pocket games

Popsicle Matching: Busy Bag Swap 

Play dough mats 

Crayons and coloring books

Butterfly symmetry: Busy Bag Swap 

Pasta Sorting: Busy Bag Swap (Audrey made this one and Paisley loves it!!)

Word Matching: Busy Bag Swap

Counting Cards: Busy Bag Swap 

Pizza Making: Busy Bag Swap

Popsicle Colors: Busy Bag Swap- Oakley loves this one at church! 

Counting clothes pins: Busy Bag Swap 

The busy bag swap was so great and I am glad that I put it together. We all ended up with 15 different activities and the kids have loved them. 

Its been nice to have projects and get so much done, but there is so much more I want to do before this baby comes. Hoping to get most of it done by the end of June, but we will have to see what happens! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Chocolate Factory/ Hollywood Connection

June 9, 2014
I had read that there was a chocolate factory downtown you could tour for a dollar a piece. I thought it would be a fun activity to do with the kids and they were totally for it. It ended up being way North Salt Lake so it took us awhile to get there. Since we were by Hollywood Connection and could use are pass of all passes we went there too. 

The Mrs. Cavanaughs chocolate tour was pretty basic. We watched a movie, got to have some chocolate, watched a lady do the had dipped chocolates, and watched one of the convener belts through the windows. Afterwards the kids each got to pick a dollar treat. They kids thought it was fun, but I was a little disappointed in having to pay a dollar for each of us for what we did and got. Glad the kids had a good time. 

Hollywood connection was disappointing because they charge you two dollars, but give you that amount in tokens. We thought that with our pass of all passes it was free. The kids were so excited to go on the rides, though we paid for it since we only had to pay for Dave, Lily, and Kylie. They had a lot of fun going on the rides and getting out some energy. With the tokens we played some games and got enough tickets to get them each a little prize. All and all another fun family outing! 

Me and Oakley hanging out together watching the kids go on the rides. She loved saying hi to them every time they can around and people thought she was super cute with how excited she was to see her sisters and dad. 


June 7, 2014
We went to the Pony Express Days Parade. We love going every year because they throw candy and it reminds me when I was a kid going to draper days. They usually do fireworks too, but with little kids we just stay home. Maybe one day we will go and watch them! The kids ran into some friends and had a blast chasing after the candy with them.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Family Summer Kick Off Party

June 4, 2014
To kick off the start of summer we had a kick off summer family party. In the beginning of May we asked the girls things they might like to do this summer. We came up with a list and I made a plan to fit it all in during the summer. The nicest thing was most of the things they wanted to do are pretty having a sleep over in mom and dads room or a video game marathon. The kick off party was a blast!!

This was a book I made for our summer adventures to be able to check them off

Here are a few pages...

I also gave the girls this with a note saying, "lets have buckets of fun this summer."

We started right after quiet time and headed to the Museum of Natural Curiosity. That place is amazing! We spent two and half hours there and could of stayed way longer!!! So glad we have a pass to there. Here are just a few things we did and explored...

Stage to put on productions

Paisley liked hers backwards 

Oakley climbing every where! 

Video screens that repeat actions

Music room....bubbles come up as you push the keys

Water and wind area 

Next we got pizza for dinner and rented a movie from the red box. We thought we were getting the original Little Rascals, but I guess a new one came out. As far as the movie time went it seemed to not work out as panned. First, our popcorn maker broke then the movie kept pausing and we finally gave up. We took the movie back, put Oakley to bed, and Dave took the girls to the next activity....

Snow cones! We were going to make homemade ones, but Walmart was all out of flavors 

As usual with the first snow cone of the summer we talk about Uncle Tyler and his favorite flavors. Dave always thinks I am wrong. :) Cant wait for him to visit so we can go get snow cones together! 

Next we did some fun game. We had a blast and laughed so hard! We can't wait to do it again! 

Lunch bag toss: you had to see how many brown lunch bags filled with newspaper you could toss into the basket with a spatula in under a minute. I dominated this game!!! 

Paisley had to have her bags lined up just so.....

Speed dressing: get dressed in mom or dads clothes wearing oven mitts, fastest person wins

Paisley went first and we were laughing so hard we cried! We have a video if anyone would like to see it! 

Kylie won! She was super fast and focused :) 

Lily did pretty good, but couldn't stop laughing! 

This was supposed to be more for just the girls, but dad wanted to was quite easy for him! 

Balloon Badminton: using foam paddles keep the balloon of the ground

After giggling ourselves silly it was time for bed. We let the girls sleep on our floor of our bedroom as requested. They each got to pick a story that we all read together snuggled on the bed then tucked them all in. It was so much fun! 

I love days and activities like these with the kids. We always have such good time and get to enjoy being a parent! We are so excited for summer and all the fun we can have then end it with having this new little baby!