Thursday, September 18, 2014

Family Stake Fair

August 16, 2014
We headed out Saturday morning to the family fun stake fair that they do every year for our Stake. They have free food, cotton candy, popcorn, face painting, bounce houses, a magician, music, rides, and lots of games for the kids. I had stared in labor that morning, but since it was so spread out we decided to go anyway. We started by going on the train ride, then got food before getting faces painted and finally enjoyed the games and bounce house. Love fun free activities for the family!

Later we headed to Gammie and Potts for a last swimming and BBQ party of the summer. We packed bags just in case we needed to head to the hospital. That night we decide to go to the hospital and make sure that Tate was okay because all through my contractions that day he hadn't moved much. We knew that they would most likely send us home because I wasn't having regular contractions, but to alleviate our fears we headed in....

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Kylie learns to ride a bike....

August 13, 2014
Kylie had borrowed a small bike from the girls next door and found she could ride it on her own. This prompted her to want to ride her bike without training wheels. So off they came.....Dave helped her once or twice and then she nicely asked to do it on her own. She worked and worked and worked and after about 45 minutes she had it! She even knew how to start by getting on the bike on her own and pushing off. I never realized how much determination this kid had! So proud of her for learning how to ride a bike on her own! 

Arcade and Donuts

August 11, 2014
One of the things the girls wanted to do as part of the summer bucket list was go to an arcade. So we headed out to Nickel City for FHE one night. The kids loved it! They loved getting to play whatever they wanted and each ended up with 100 tickets to choose something to take home. 

 We played deal or no deal and Paisley won 100 tickets! 

On the way home we saw the hot light on and had to stop for donuts!


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Failed Camping Trip

August 8-9, 2014
The girls had wanted to go camping at least once during the summer. We had gotten a new tent, camping chairs, and a new air mattress for a really good deal and wanted to head out for a night to test them out. We had orginially planned to go on a Tuesday night and when I checked out the camp site there were several "walk up" campsites. We ended up going on a will see the problem shortly. 

We headed to Walmart for a few things and by 3:30 were headed up the American Fork Canyon. We searched and drove and searched and drove and ended up on a bumpy road for almost an hour. We had Paisley throw up twice from getting car sick and ended up having a few needing to pee on the side of the road. Needless to saw we ended up back at our house at 7:30 after a four hour drive through the Canyon and paying six dollars because we thought we would be camping. 

So what do we do now? We camp in the back yard. Luckily our neighbors had a moveable fire pit that they let us borrow and we still did all the cooking outside. We started with hot dogs and chips because we were starving....

 Then time to set up the tent...

 Its pretty easy to set up, once you do once! Lily gave some assistance...

 We do love the new tent! 

The girls played cards while we set everything up..

 That night we had a fire and did smores.

That night we left the top off the tent to see the stars. Off in the distance we saw lighting, Dave looked it up and the storm was supposed to stay over the mountains. We thought we would be safe. Around 11pm we felt rain. So we hopped out and attempted to get the top on. By the time it was on the downpour was finished and we had left our sleeping bag open and it was soaked. We still stayed outside with the kids.

The next morning we had cinnamon rolls in the dutch oven and sausage. It was really good! 

It was definitely interesting camping trip. We laughed and got frustrated, but learned a lot. First, in Utah always reserve your camp site. Second, know how to put your new tent up before you go and always put the top on! Third, realize that your kids will always have fun even if you are camping in the back yard! :) 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Kylies 6th Birthday

August 4, 2014
Kylie turned 6 this year. We started the morning by her choice breakfast...She choose a donut the size of her head :) 

 This is to show the comparison...

 That night we had pizza and then played just dance. We usually let them chose an activity and she wanted to ride the train. We had tickets to ride the Heber Creeper, but we couldn't get tickets for a few weeks. That will be a post to come...

Playing just dance...


We let her open the gifts from us and then Gammie and Potts and Grandma and Grandpa had her open her gifts when we went to the train. 

From sisters...soda and candy

 From Grandma Collier

And from us, Lego Star Wars Game

For dessert we did a dessert pizza and did her cake when we went to the train. 

Kylie is such a sweetheart! She is so helpful, loves to learn, and loves her sisters. She is definitely the peacemaker in this family and we don't know what we would do without her! 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

10 Year Anniversary

July 29, 2014
We celebrated 10 years of marriage this year! Cant believe I have been with my best friend for over 11 years. Dave loves me, supports me, makes me laugh, helps me, and seriously is the best fit for me! We had planned to go to Hawaii this year, but with being pregnant that didn't work out as expected. We plan to go next year, but thought this was too big of anniversary to not do anything so we went to the Homestead Resort in Midway. 

August 2, 2014
We headed to Midway on a Saturday morning. On the way we stopped by Park City and did some shopping. We got to the hotel and Dave started not feeling good. We ended up staying in the room for awhile while he rested and I watched some TV. I snuck a picture of him :) 

Dave got feeling better and that night we headed to do the Crater Swim. We had to wait awhile so we played pool in the activity center. The water was amazing and so warm! It felt great on our bodies and we were the last group in for the night so we got stay later then the hour they had said. It was so fun and we definitely want to go back. 

This was taken the next day so we didn't get the camera wet. This was looking up to the crater.
And the water behind us.

 This was up above looking into the crater

 And the view from the top

We enjoyed a late dinner after the swimming then relaxed at the hotel. The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel and then headed home. It was an enjoyable two days together and we had fun relaxing together and celebrating our anniversary. Here is to another 10 years! 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Day the Power Went Out...

July 20, 2014
The power went out on a Sunday morning. We were getting ready for church while Dave was at his meetings. We had about 45 minutes until church so I continued to get the girls ready for church. Dave came home from his meeting and said they were discussing whether or not we would have church. I figured the lights would turn on at 8:55 so continued to get the kids ready. About 8:50 Dave was called and asked to come turn people away at the church because it was canceled. At 8:55 (no kidding) the lights came back on, but it was to late to call everyone for church.

So why the long story? Well during the time the lights were out the girls kept asking to do watching tv or other things requiring power. They didn't know how to act with the power off and I realized that we had a big problem. My kids couldn't entertain themselves! Something needed to be done and quickly. So that night for FHE it began....

We started that night by reading The Day the TV Broke, a children's book I have had since I was a kid. It was all about how the boy watched TV everyday until it broke. Everyday he asked if the TV was fixed yet while doing other activities. By the time it was fixed he didn't want to watch TV anymore because he was busy playing and doing activities. After reading the book we announced the plans:

Week one we would cut amazon and netflix, this did not go well. But they were watching too much!
Week two in order to watch/play/ have any screen time they had to earn them. They earned them by playing outside, doing art projects, having conversations with family members, and playing downstairs with toys just to name a few. Lily's exact quote was "wait we get to earn screen time by doing fun stuff." This week was much better!

The kids have done amazing and now I can't remember the last night they watched a ton of tv. They usually spend so much time doing the activities that they don't have time to watch TV. Its been amazing! One of the biggest things they had done lately is beads. Here are a few of there creations...

So glad we decided to unplug! Its been the best thing for our family!