Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Jim Gaffigan

October 4, 2014
Jim Gaffigan came to town and we decided to get tickets. He has come a few times before and we always say we should go then don't and afterward wish we did. So this time we did. We went with Jared and Amanda which made it that much better. We started the night by going to diner at Ruths Diner. It was super yummy and we enjoyed laughing and talking. Then we headed to Abravanel Hall to see the show. It was so great and our seats were awesome! We laughed so hard and I am so glad we went! Felt great to get out and have fun with friends!

 Opening act, Tom something 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Lily Second Gymnastic Competition

October 4, 2014
Our goal for this second competition was to have her scores go up a little bit and she did great! She was against 11 girls again and places 7th or above in all her events. Floor was the only one that didn't go up, but we are not sure why. We think it may have been a more difficult judge, but we thought she did better then the time before. Regardless her overall score went up and we couldn't be proud! Great job Lily! 

 They got sunglasses and bandana for participating 

 They only gave ribbons/awards to the top 7 and Lily got one every time! 
Vault- 7th place 8.55
Bars- 7th place 8.2
Beam- 4th place 7.85
Floor- 6th place 7.85
Overall- 6th place (she actually tied for 5th, but they gave her 6th) 32.45

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Spider Web

Each morning for the last month as I would leave to drive the kids to school and see this spider web on our mailboxes. It started out small and each day would add more layers down towards the mail box strength it and making it more beautiful. The angle that I turned out of my driveway made the light shine through the web in such away that it truly was a thing of beauty. I started looking forward to seeing its progress and watch to see the new patterns that were created. I told Dave about the spider web and showed it to him. I explained that it was far more beautiful with the light shining through in the morning. He planned to look at it the following Saturday morning. Then the rain came and it poured for over 24 hours. There was thunder and lighting and by fair the worst storm I have seen in awhile. I thought for sure that the spider web would be gone from the falling rain. Sunday morning I went out to find out if my predictions were true, but I was wrong. The spider web was still there shining beautifully in the rain cover world. The added strength over the weeks I am sure sustained that web. Only a few days later the web was gone. I am sure it was taken down by my neighbors whose mailbox and tree it was resting between. I was a little disappointed by its disappearance, but grateful for the beauty I was able to see from it. The funny thing is that often we are told to "stop and smell the roses." This was my rose I think, but not necessarily the idea to slow down, but a sweet lesson that God taught me. I hope that you can take your own lesson from the story and remember that God will speak to us when we do stop to smell the roses or look at beautiful spider webs :) 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Lilys First Gymnastics Meet

September 13, 2014
Lily competed at her first gymnastic competition and did great! She loved every minute of it and was totally in her element! I was a nervous wreck, but she really did do so great for her 1st competition. She needs to average an 8.5 to make to level 4 during one of the competitions. That is her goal, but fell short on this first one. As we talked about I told her that she did great and next we just need to improve a little and if she does she will hit her goal. Her response, "no mom I will improve a lot." Love this girls motivation to work hard and be the best!  

There were 11 girls in her category ages 8 and younger

Vault- 10th place 8.35



Bars- 6th place 7.75


Beam- 9th place 7.05 She fell off the beam, but I was proud of how well she did after she fell off! 


Floor-6th place 8.275 She wasn't thrilled with this one!


Overall- 8th place 31.425

Grandma and Grandpa Tatum came and gave support!

We left Oakley and Paisley with Audrey so we could focus on her, thanks again Audrey! 


Friday, October 10, 2014

Lily turns 8

September 10, 2014
Lily requested to do the ropes course at the new Curiosity Museum at Thanksgiving point so dad took her right after school. When they got back we had headed to Village Pizza for dinner then came home to open presents. Cant believe this little girl is 8 and will be getting baptized soon! 

Headband and  bow for baptism dress from mom and dad

Art lessons from mom and dad 

Picture from Kylie

Gift card for CTR ring from Gammie and Potts 

She also got a Lego movie lego set and candy box from Grandma and Granada Tatum and two dollars from Great Grandma Collier. Not sure were the pictures went, but she was glad they were there! 

She had requested a lego cake for her birthday. This was the best I could come up with. We actually had ordered Legos for her, but they didn't come in time. Luckily Gammie and Potts had some we could borrow! Thanks again for saving the day :) 

Love this girl like crazy and the same time she makes me crazy! The emotions are still in full force and I have heard from others that 8 is "emotional 8," ( like "terrible 2" but for 8 year olds). She is a great helper with her siblings and great at doing jobs! She loves to learn, read, do gymnastics, and is a daredevil. She loves trying new things and has a love of life. She is learning so much in the gospel and is ready to get baptized in a few weeks. She is a great example to me and I love her excitement for life. 


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

August 26, 2014
Many of you know that the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge was floating around social media recently. Dave and Lily decided to participate in the challenge when they were challenged by others. Dave's grandma passed away from this disease when he was 12 and she meant a lot to him so he did it for her. The videos are below for those that may not have seen them on Facebook.  video


Wednesday, October 8, 2014


August 19, 2014
Tate came home from the hospital on August 19. He lost more then 11 percent of his birth weight so they were a little concerned, but he was a champ of an eater so I wasn't worried. He went him from the hospital 7 pounds 4 ounces. 

Over the next several weeks we enjoyed having this little guy around and relaxed as I recovered.


 Tummy time with dad 

 All bundled up 

 First bath

Getting bigger- it took him two and half weeks to get back to birth weight then another we after that he jumped a whole 19 ounces and has continued to grow. 

First mom and son dance

Two week old pictures and birth announcement.

This little guy is so mellow and can sleep through the crazy noise in this house. He tolerates his sisters well and they love holding and taking care of him. He has been a great eater, but sleeping at night seems to be a struggle. He loves to be held and cuddled at night instead of sleep in his crib. We are making strides in that area, but he still isn't sleeping great. Other then that he fits this family perfectly. It feels as if he was always around and we love seeing him start to smile and recognize us!