Monday, March 31, 2014

Random Activities

Not a lot going on in March with family activities as I continued to try and get passed my morning sickness and dizziness. Here are a few random things that took place though.

Lily has learned to love reading. We went to Grandmas House to watch the gymnastics meet, but had a little time before it started. Lily choose to read instead of play games on one of the iPads. I was so happy to hear that! Most times these days you will see a book in her hand. 

 The kids choose there jobs at the beginning of the year. Kylies dinner job is to sweep under the table after dinner. However we saw her coming all the way over into the kitchen by the oven and explained she did not need to come that far. Her reasoning was pretty clever.....she used under the oven to hold the dust pan. Always amazed by kids great ideas! 

March 22, 2014
I turned 30!! And spent the whole day with the worst head cold ever. Dave let me sleep all day and it was perfect because I was able to quickly get over the cold. The girls drew me pictures, stayed quiet while I slept, and frosted my birthday cake.

Only a mothers heart would understand this, but it was the best birthday cake ever!
Dave and I celebrated my birthday the following Friday by going to Olive Garden for dinner and enjoying each others company on a date. On the Saturday following my birthday I was able to go with my mom to lunch and get manicures and pedicures. That night I also got to hang out with Audrey and my mother in law while we headed to the Relief Society Broadcast. It was a great way to spend my birthday even if it was a week later! 

The girls saw the leave in curlers in the cupboard and one day asked to do them so they could have there hair curler. So after baths one night I put them in. They turned out pretty cute except for Paisleys. She only had about four left in her hair so her hair was mostly straight with a few curly cues. It was pretty funny! 



 And lastly, our carnivores! These two love meats and will eat any meat you give them. This day we had pork chops. We had given each of them a half, but Paisley wanted more and asked if she could have a full one. She didn't want it cut, but ate it like this instead! 

Kylie had it cut, but basically shoveled it into her mouth! Love these meat eaters! 

Happy March and here is hoping for a good April! 

Sunday, March 30, 2014


Recently my thoughts have been on Heavenly Fathers plan for me in this life. I feel like I often want to make my life the way I want and more likely Gods plan takes over. 
I actually had this on my mind for awhile then yesterday I was asked to speak in church today. Yep less then 24 hours to prepare and a busy day on top of it. Luckily the talk came right to me as I talked about Heavenly Father changing my plans to different ones and the Saviors role in my life as those changes and challenges have come.

The biggest challenge recently and also blessing is that we are expecting baby number 5 in August. This was a bit unexpected and I spent most of Jan and Feb with the worst morning sickenss and dizziness I have ever had in my pregnancies. So I related the following of the role the Savior has been in my life the last few months:

Given me humility to ask for help when I needed it most
In the sisters that stepped up to bring my family meals
In the strength I was given to continue each day
And in the ability to repent and be forgiven when I was not the most patient or greatest of moms.

The talk went great and I am finally feeling back to normal after a long two and half months!! We are excited for baby number 5 and find out April 11 if its a boy or girl. We will keep you updated. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Valentines Day

February 14, 2014
For the girls Valentines present from my mom she let them make valentines boxes. They had a blast painting and decorating them. 

 As always we made the girls valentines together. This year they were on the simple end which was nice for me since I was not feeling very good. 

Kylie choose butterflies for her dance class and preschool

 Lily wanted to do something simple so that she could do them for gymnastics and school. This is what we did. We made 60, but I loved spending the time with the girls. 

 The day of Valentines Day we didn't do much for breakfast since I was sick, but we did out normal heart shaped lunch. 

 Little goodies for the girls 

Again due to not feeling well we didn't make our own pizzas, but found a place that did heart shaped ones and the girls were okay with that. We also didn't do china and dress up, but the girls didn't seem to mind they still had a fun night. 

 Dave and I are not big on Valentines day. We love the tradition of going to to the Temple to do Sealings. Other then that we don't do a lot for Valentines day. But since I had not been feeling well, Dave decided that I needed some cheering up. He made this himself saving a ton of money and brighting my day. I love my husband and how well he knows me! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sweethearts Day

February 8, 2014
Annual sweethearts day is always fun and the best way to celebrate Valentines Day. This year we did the brunch at the Grand America Hotel and it was so so yummy! It was hard what to choose to eat and not over do it. It was actually the first big meal I had been able to hold down and it was super good. I enjoyed the atmosphere and loved getting to spend to time talking with adults.

We then did our session at Jordan River Temple and I didn't pass out! Always a good thing. We were able to do some family names which I love and it was great to be in the temple. We had to rush out of there afterward to get the kids so we didn't go to the Celestial Room, but it was still a nice day. 

Thanks Gammie and Potts!!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Birthday Parties

February 1, 2014
We had two birthday parties in one day and had a blast at both. First was Evylee, she turned 6. The girls had a blast putting on make up and playing with there cousin. Didn't get many pictures. 

 Next was Fionas birthday at Kangeroo Zoo

 I got a slush pup pie too which was nice. We had a fun time spending time with great friends! 


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Grandma Colliers House

January 18-19, 2014
Over the long Monday break we headed to Idaho to visit with Grandma Colliers. We love visiting with her and relaxing for a few days. As always it was great and we had fun catching up. While there the girls asked to go to the park near Grandmas house. Once there we saw they had made a section of the park a skating rink. We had a blast spinning and sliding on it. 

 Then it was time to go. Thanks Grandma again for such a few weekend! 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lily Cooking

January 14, 2014
At the beginning of the year we decided to try something new concerning chores. We wrote down a list of all the chores that needed to be done to run the house. That included things we do like the budgeting and plan meals. We sat down as a family and choose what each person would like to do. To my surprise Lily asked to do her own laundry, wanted to cook and prepare a meal each week, and a lot of other things (Dave also surprised me by wanting to switch from bathrooms to doing the kitchen-its been so great). And since she choose the chores she has been much better about them. Her first meal of choice: French Toast and Eggs. She broke the eggs herself and although she had a little help did a great job! So proud of my little girl growing into such a big helper.