Friday, July 31, 2015

Kylies Early Birthday Gift

July 23, 2015
Kylies birthday isn't until August 4, but we gave her an early birthday gift. She loves animals and mostly marine animals. This year for her birthday she requested a penguin cake. We gave her a choice for activity since she doesn't get a friend birthday: a special activity at the Zoo or Aquarium. She chose Zoo so we headed up there for Lunch with a Zookeeper. We got to spend time with just her walking around the zoo before it began. First stop was of course the polar bear, sea lions, and bears. 

Pretty sure she would have stayed there all day watching. Wish we could have taken her to Sea day :) 

After having some fun we went to the lunch. She got to touch a small turtle and a cock roach. She had no fear and loved it! 

She also made a special picture for the zoo keeper...the Zookeeper was really cute about it! 

After we had pizza and lemonade they did a presentation about Tortoises. That was the animal that we would get to go see today. After the presentation we headed to the area where they are kept. It was the zoo keepers first time doing this and she decided to let us go in and actually meet them and touch them. Even the lady in charge didn't know we would get to do that! Kylie soaked in every minute! 

Small tortoise- can't remember the name?

Then there were the two large Tortoises, one male named Kronk and the female Esma, Emperors New Groove anyone? 

After the keeper talked to us about them she then took one family at a time down to touch Kronk. When it was Kylie's turn he climbed right up the hill to meet her. We got to talk to the zookeeper one on one and ask questions. It was so great! 

 Kylie and the zookeeper

Afterwards they gave us a little calendar to take home as souvenir. We also bought Kylie a two dollar bracelet that proceeds go towards protecting the Tortoises. We had a little time left over so we walked around seeing what we had missed in the morning. 

After we left we went to Article Circle to have ice cream. It was great spending time with Kylie and also getting to experience something new. Hopefully she will remember this birthday for a long time! I know I will :) 

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