Thursday, July 30, 2015

Seven Peaks Carnival

July 16, 2015
Lets start by saying that its good kids don't care about much because this was a disappointment from my stand point. Seven peace advertised that they would have a carnival with all sorts of rides. It sounded great. Turns out it was a bunch of really small rides and Lily could barely go on anything and we thought it would be fun for everyone. Luckily the younger ones enjoyed it and Lily had spent the day at Seven Peaks water slides with Dad so she was okay to let others enjoy. We did get some cute pictures...

Proud mom moment that I am now going to brag about so if you would like to go past this part feel free.....

Lily found a bunch of change inside the bouncy house. She came out and said "I found this, I am going to take it to the front." I was a little surprised and proud and said "okay." A few minutes later someone approached her that worked there and handing her a dollar said, "the lady at the front wants you to have this for your honesty." She decided to use it on a game. She won and received this little alligator. She named him (with a little help from us) Honest the Alligator. Proud mom moment for me that she chose to be honest about something she found even though it was so little. 

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