Friday, August 1, 2014

Papa's Funeral

July 11, 2014
Del Richard Slaughter, more affectionally known as Papa, passed away June 26, 2014. This had been coming for awhile so when it happened it was not to much of surprise. He went peacefully, surrounded by family and was able to finally return to his Sweetheart he talked about so often. A few years back we were given the privilege of bringing him dinner and chatting with him. During these visits I was able to get to know this sweet man so much better and hear his life story. I was able to put that into a book for family members and I loved being able to learn about his life from him. He told great stories, but I loved listening him talk about his sweet wife. She came up several times each week. I will cherish the memories sitting in the basement listening to him talk and getting to know him better. I am happy he has reunited with the love of his life, but will miss him too. Love you Papa! 

Dave had a special connecting with his Grandpa, playing the clarinet. He now is privileged to have Papa's clarinet and play it. Each time he does he thinks of Papa. 

 The funeral allowed families to come together that had not seen each other in awhile. 

The five youngest grandkids, born one year and one day within each other. 


 The legacy that Papa passed along.....almost all of his grandkids. 


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