Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fourth of July

July 4, 2014
Dave won tickets on the radio for a 25 dollar gift card to Mimis Cafe and VIP patio seating to see the parade. It was great! We took the two older girls and had a blast eating breakfast and watching the parade with shade, cold drinks, and a bathroom close. The girls had a blast! 

We then headed to Gammie and Potts for lunch and swimming. Dave got in to play with the girls, but I decided not to go. Gammie and Potts also got in with all the grandkids and had a great time. 

Dave throwing Lily-she loved it! 

 Those that went swimming

 Loving the water, but kept tipping forward and almost went under once! 

Love swimming at Gammies and Potts! 

That night we headed to Aunt Jolenes for the Annual BBQ! We had a crazy amount of people this year and the kids had a blast running and playing with everyone. I tried my best to be social, but it was quite hot and I ended up spending a lot more time inside then out. Still it was nice to see everyone. We headed to the fireworks and enjoyed sitting in the cool chatting and waiting. The kids loved the fireworks, except Oakley. Just like everything in this life she had to warm up to them. When they started she kept saying "no stop." But ended up enjoying them. Not sure why I didn't get more pictures, but I did get these cute ones of Lucy with her first light up bracelet. Love that little one! 

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