Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Baby Lucy

July 3, 2014
We got to have Tyler, Mckaylee, and Lucy come stay at our house for a week. Which meant we got to hold new little Lucy as much as we wanted! She was three months old and the girls ate up every second with her. It was fun to see how they acted with a baby in the house since we will have one soon. It was also interesting to see how Oakley reacted. All seemed to handle it well which was good news for us. We loved have them stay and get to see ALL of them so much :) 

 I loved holding her while she was sleeping and it made me excited for a new little one to come to our home. Nothing is better then having a sleeping baby on you...makes all other cares fly away. 

 This was late one night. Lucy had been crying and Lily got her to stop and played with her. Both were trying to get out of going to bed, but they were so cute together we had a hard time stopping it. Lily will be a great big help with her new brother! 

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