Saturday, August 2, 2014

Paisley turns 4

July 18, 2014
Our Paisley turned 4!! She got to chose what she did for her birthday all day long. First up....donuts for breakfast.

 She wanted to dip it in milk, but it was so big we had to get out the big mugs! 

 Next was her swim we headed to Gammie and Potts to go swimming. We had pizza for lunch then opened gifts. Shopping for this kid was pretty easy!

Rainbow Dash that jumps from Grandma and Grandpa Tatum

 And Pinkie Pie walkie talkies 

 Lalaloopsy puzzles from mom and dad

 Rubber Band Bracelets from sisters 

 And what she wanted more then anything, "Go fish cards with real fish, and cards with people (we assumed old maid)" I said easiest kid to buy for :) 

 Tiana dress up from Gammie and Potts 

 And two dollars from Grandma Collier. This kid was in heaven.

 Then we all got in the pool except Oakley who took a nap. I got in because Paisley really wanted to swim with me...must love that kid! Though the pool water actually did help my pregnant body feel better. 

After swimming was cupcakes. We didn't get a picture of us singing to her, but here are the cupcakes. She made it fairly easy for me this year, which was nice. Love how easy going she is! 

 That night she asked to go to Grandma Tatum's to play. We had dinner there before heading home. Grandma got out olives and this kid loved them! 

This little girl is crazy, hilarious, loves playing with her sisters, and is just full of life! She loves having her own way and will make sure you know it! She is a cuddle bug and warms right up to people the moment they walk in the door so don't be surprised if you suddenly find her in your lap. She loves to tell people she loves them and honestly just keeps us laughing! Love you Pazy paz! 

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