Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring Break

April 5, 2014-April 12, 2014
Spring Break was fairly simple this year. We started the weekend with General Conference. The girls always look forward to it and we enjoyed two days of fun activities and being inspired and uplifted. 

This year I got them these trays that worked out amazing 

 On Monday we went to the new Aquarium with all the cousins that came in town

 They had a fun tight rope

 Paisley took a little while to warm up to it then finally made the trek! 

 The new shark tank tunnel

 Having a blast with cousins 

The rest of the week was spent potty training this one! She is on the younger end of all the other girls I have trained, but I needed a few months break from diapers. She is doing fairly well at home. When she goes other places she doesn't quite do as well. She also doesn't understand how to release completely so we end up going in the bathroom with her a lot, but I am sure in time that will easy up. I am just enjoying the break from diapers after 7 and 1/2 years straight!!

 We also changed out our potty seat to this new fun one! Yes I said fun! :) This one is great because it doesn't have to go on the floor when its not being used. 

 It has a magnet to attach to the other seat. You can also take it off when you are finished with it. We thought with at least one more kid to potty train it was worth it. 

Dad also had fun making breakfast for the girls. He made pancakes in the shape of there initials. And for himself this....

We also had one more big event happen over spring break, but that deserves its own post......come back soon :) 

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