Monday, May 5, 2014

ITS A....

April 11, 2014
Friday of Spring Break we were able to go see what this little baby was. Turns out I was right....ITS A BOY!!

We got these cookies to give the girls so that it would soften the blow. Lily was super excited to have a brother, but Kylie was a little sad. Paisley was in different and happy to have a cookie :) 

A few ultra sound pictures....

A few days later Dave was discussing that the cuteness to awesome ratio of our boys clothes. He said that it needed to be much closer to the awesome ratio because he has don't "cute" for 8 years. My mom sent him this to help things along :) 

We are excited for this little new little boy to join the family and also a little nervous! Looking forward to this new adventure! 

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