Sunday, March 30, 2014


Recently my thoughts have been on Heavenly Fathers plan for me in this life. I feel like I often want to make my life the way I want and more likely Gods plan takes over. 
I actually had this on my mind for awhile then yesterday I was asked to speak in church today. Yep less then 24 hours to prepare and a busy day on top of it. Luckily the talk came right to me as I talked about Heavenly Father changing my plans to different ones and the Saviors role in my life as those changes and challenges have come.

The biggest challenge recently and also blessing is that we are expecting baby number 5 in August. This was a bit unexpected and I spent most of Jan and Feb with the worst morning sickenss and dizziness I have ever had in my pregnancies. So I related the following of the role the Savior has been in my life the last few months:

Given me humility to ask for help when I needed it most
In the sisters that stepped up to bring my family meals
In the strength I was given to continue each day
And in the ability to repent and be forgiven when I was not the most patient or greatest of moms.

The talk went great and I am finally feeling back to normal after a long two and half months!! We are excited for baby number 5 and find out April 11 if its a boy or girl. We will keep you updated. 

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