Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Martins Cove

July 30, 2013
We headed home after our big long adventure, but still had some fun on the way. We tried to stop at the Jewel Cave on the way, but turns out you had to sign up for slots and it would take us a two hour wait just to get in. We had to get on the road so we headed out planning on stopping next time. We did let the kids walk around the museum a little and even saw about 30 Brother and Sister Missionaries on the way out. The kids loved it! 

 As we started to get hunger we decided to find a rest stop to have our picnic lunch. We found this little gem and it was a great. The place back behind us was a museum for the military with a little lake they gave the kids the little windmills and the playground was a great way for the kids to burn some energy before our next big drive.

 Further down the road we also hit Martins Cove another unexpected surprise! We got out and walked around, took the tour, and pulled the kids in a handcart. They gave the kids little necklaces and it was fun to talk with the missionaries there. Right as we finished pulling the kids in the handcart they let you try out on a path in started a huge down pour so we ran back to the car and contiued on our trip.

 On the trip we tried to see as many license plates as we could. We got up to 39 states and the goal before we got home was to get to 40. The close state to us that we had not gotten yet was Georgia. We searched and searched, but got home without reaching our goal. Later that same day Dave took Lily to gymnastics and found this.....
Oh the irony!!! We decide we should count it since it still was on the day we drove home! What do you think? Besides those 40 states we also five Canadian license plates. Devils Tower was our gold mine....we must have see 15-20 in the parking lot alone!

 The other thing that happened right when we got home was Lily lost her other front tooth. She looked pretty dang cute! 

So that ended our Crazy Family Adventure! We drove 52 hours and 29 minutes and 2160 miles. It will be a memory I will never forget and hopefully our kids will remember forever! We can't wait to go camping again and let our kids get more Junior Ranger Badges-They loved it! Who know we would love it so much? Crazy, but can't wait for the next fun Family Adventure!  

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