Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Crazy Horse

July 29, 2013
This was also our anniversary, but we loved spending it camping and being with the kids! This day we headed to Crazy Horse. We watched a movie about its making and walked around the area. We also took bus ride to get closer. In ten years the horse part is supposed to be finished so we decide we will have to come back then to see it. 

 This was a gate of his kids art work that he took and turned into metal pieces. It was fun to look at and see all his kids drawings. 

 Dave got this chess set and we also got a piece of the mountain that they had blown off 

 We were only down the road at Crazy Horse and it sprinkled, but at the campsite it down poured. We retuned to find this....

Luckily only Lily's pillow got wet and we had a dryer to dry it in so everything was good. 

Oakley had a good time walking around, but her pants kept falling down. It was pretty funny! 

 That night we had out last camp fire and and smores. It was a great way to spend out anniversary.

The next morning we had cinnamon pancakes before heading home. They were super yummy-Thanks to Jenni for showing us them a few years before!! 

 The girls asked to drive past Mount Rushmore again one last time. They loved it and after we drove away asked when we could come back. Dave and I thought this would be a one time trip, but there was so much to do around here we will be coming back! We missed out on the Jewel Caves because the slots were all filled and we wanted to go to the Cosmos, but ran out of time. There was also a lot of shopping and cute towns around Mount Rushmore we would have loved to see more of. Finally the KOA was amazing and we didn't get to spend much time there. There will be a trip in the future thats for sure! 

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