Monday, October 28, 2013

Bear Country

July 28, 2013
We woke up and drove a little ways down the road to Bear Country. We were hoping it would be worth the money and it so was!!!

Waiting in line 

 The bears were right next to the car 


 This bear got right up on the car in front of us and stayed for awhile. It was so fun to watch! 

 Then it was are turn. The girls were freaking out! It was so much fun! 

 Finally gave up! 



 Grizzly Bear 

They also had this baby land area with little animals. The cubs were great and so fun to watch. They climbed the trees and wrestled with each other. We watched them for while and then had lunch in the picnic area. It was so much fun!

 Little coyotes 

 Baby Wolves 

I totally suggest you going there if your in the area! You will love it! 

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