Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mount Rushmore

July 27, 2013
We headed to Mount Rushmore and it was great! The girls were so excited as we walked in and I have to admit Dave and I were too. This was somewhere we both have wanted to see since we were kid. Honestly I was surprised how much the kids enjoyed it, but glad we all had a good time. 

Walking through the hall of flags (I think thats what it was called)

 Utah :) 

 Dancing on the stage below the heads 

 Getting there third Junior Ranger Badges 

 Sculptors Cottage....what Mount Rushmore should have looked like if it had been finished fully

 Views from our walks along the trail to get closer to the heads

 Teepees near the trail

We headed back to Hill City and shopped around and got some yummy taffy and had lunch before heading back the campsite. That night we headed back to the night ceremony at Mount Rushmore. It was incredible. We watched a great movie and then they lit up the heads. After that they retired the flag with all the those that served in the military. The whole thing was really neat and we were glad we keep the kids up late to see it. 

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