Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kylie Turns 5

August 3, 2013
Kylie choose to have a Princess and the Popstar themed birthday. It was really fun to plan and the kids had blast. We started by having pizza and coloring pictures while we waited for the kids to arrive. This was the "Green Room."

Then we got the kids ready in the "Staging Area." We put stickers on there nails, put on make up, added crowns and hair things to there hair, and put on jewelry and sun glasses so they were all ready to take the stage. 

Dave built a stage for me the day before and I covered it with black. It turned out so so good!!! We also came up with a play list and had a microphone so the girls could sing there little hearts out! 

 The birthday girl was first...she was a little timid....and so were the other girls, but eventually they had a blast and it was hard to pull them away from the singing to do presents and cake. I wish I had planned and extra hour for the singing. It was so fun to watch them get up there and sing and dance to there favorite songs! 

 Group Number 

Here is a video of all the girls singing...

 This was our way to get to the stage 

 All the girls that came

 Next was presents. Kylie got some great things from her friends and family! 

 Then it was time for the cake. I did a guitar for the popstar and added a crown for the princess part. 

 For her birthday we gave her the movie Princess and the Popstar and this doctor outfit. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up and loves putting this on and helping make people feel better. A few days after her birthday I had a bad headache so she got this on and did her doctor thing on me. She was really sweet and will make a gray doctor some day!

This little girl is so sweet and we love having her in our family. She is my tender little one in every way and loves helping in anyway possible. She loves her sisters more then anything and loves playing with them. She is very shy sometimes, but also loves telling you stories and asking you about your day. She is so easy going and just a joy to be around! Happy Birthday Kylie! 

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