Monday, September 9, 2013

Our CRAZY Family Adventure

July 19-20, 2013
A few weeks before Dave finished summer school he said that we should take a trip. We had been talking about going to Mount Rushmore, but hadn't said for sure when. I really wanted to go, but couldn't convince Dave until then. So I started the search for hotels the more the search came along the more I could see it was too expensive. Somehow I ended up looking into camping and the craziness began! We had planned to visit Grandma Collier and thought why not add Yellowstone then head to Mount Rushmore. So the plan was set and we got campgrounds at 4 different KOA's for 8 nights of camping! Now why is that insane? Well we have never enjoyed camping and honestly refused to do it on previous experiences that had taken place. Everyone told us we were nuts, but the closer it came the more excited we got. And honestly it was so much fun! So here goes your own personal look into our crazy adventure! 

Car packed up with one car seat to fit everything. I can believe how much stuff it took! Special thanks to Gammie and Potts and Mike and Dez for letting us borrow there stuff! And to Potts for the suggestion of the bubble and helping us attach it. It took half the stuff out of this picture! 

First few days were spent in Idaho at Great Grandma Colliers. We arrived late Friday night and the kids did great on the drive.

The next morning we headed to Carey to watch Grandma in a parade. We arrived early to get a spot and found a nice shade tree in front of this house. The nice man inside came out and let the kids play on there tramp while they wanted. They loved it!

 Apparently we didn't need to arrive early. This was the street 10 minutes before the parade was to start! 

The parade was great. It lasted all of 30 minutes and the kids got tons and tons of candy! Grandma was one of the first and she was so cute in her horse drawn carriage and white outfit! 

 Here were a few more floats we loved...

Later that day we got to meet Daves cousin, Brooke, and her family. They just moved to Twin Falls and came up for the parade. It was so fun getting to know them and the kids had a great time playing together. Dave also mowed the lawn and we did some yard work to help out.

After dinner we headed to the park to give Grandma a break from the noise and give the kids some way to loose some energy. 

Sunday was spent relaxing, knitting, and playing at Grandmas house. We left Monday morning to head to Yellowstone. As always we had a great time at Grandmas house and can't wait to go back! 

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