Sunday, September 8, 2013

Paisley Turns 3

 July 18, 2013
Little Miss Paisley turned 3 this last July. To celebrate she requested we go bowling and wanted a butterfly cake. We headed to the bowling ally only to find that it would be a two hour wait on a Thursday night! They had five lanes not working. So instead we headed back to Grandmas house and played there before having cake. 

Lily was really cute and decorated her shirt and shoes for Paisley special day.

I liked the shape of this cake, but wasn't really happy with how the colors turned out.

 Large bead and sting set from Gammie and Potts

 Figurine and Tricycle from Grandma and Grandpa Tatum

 That little sister quickly got on and fell off of...

 Card and two dollars from Great Grandma Collier

Her sisters gave her a small dancing ballerina and we gave her a walking and talking Pinkie Pie My Little Pony. For some reason we only got video and not pictures. 

Then we sang Happy Birthday and had cake!

Paisley is definitely my kid that keeps me on my toes. She loves having fun with her sisters and has the most infectious laugh! She has more attitude in her little pinkie then most kids do in there whole body and if she thinks she is right about something she will tell you even if her reasons make no sense to you! She is curious, out going, love getting attention from everyone, and is tough as nails! She is excited to start dance soon and looks up to her big sisters. Love this little one and cant wait to see what more years with her bring :) 

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