Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Driving and Setting up at Yellowstone

July 22, 2013
We arrived and I honestly had a panic attack. As we started to our tent spot at the KOA, I seriously started freaking out wondering what we got ourselves into. Dave luckily seemed to be in his element which was good because inside I freaking out, but trying to stay calm for the kids. We all helped setting up the tent. And I managed to take one thing at a time. 

 We got everything set up and enjoyed an okay dinner (not my best one of the time)
Then we got in pajamas, set up the camp fire, and started a yummy desert. It was way better then dinner- Raspberry Cobbler. The girls collected acorns for the fire to help. 

 That night I was so worried about the sleeping arrangements. Sleeping in the same room at Grandmas didn't turn out so well and I was really worried, but the kids slept great! Oakley headed in first and after she was asleep and getting late me, Kylie, and Paisley headed in. Dave and Lily spent every night together up by the camp fire talking just the two of them. I think it was a great bonding time for them.

The next morning we had some great camping hair! 

 And enjoyed a yummy breakfast of French Toast and eggs. Then we got packed up and headed to our first day at Yellowstone. 

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