Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dave Master Graduation

May 3, 2013
Dave finally graduated from the University of Utah with his Masters Degree! We are so proud of him and all his hard work the last two years. He has always done everything needed to do for the family and put us first even though sometimes it was hard. He received a 4.0 in his Masters which made him really happy. We went to California Pizza Kitchen before the ceremony with Grandma and Grandpa Tatum and Gammie and Potts. We tried to stay for the whole thing, but after the Masters were hooded the kids were done so we let them play outside while they finished the rest of the names. I cried I was so proud of Dave. School has never been an easy thing for him, but he works hard and continues on! 

 This is Kelly, Dave's friend, mentor, and Masters Advisor

 Daves Cohort that he did his Masters Degree with

 The girls made Dave a special card and a lego man graduating. 

 That night we threw a big party for Dave to celebrate. I was to busy having fun with everyone that came to remember to take pictures, but it was a blast! Thanks everyone for coming and celebrating such an amazing accomplishment! 

This is the cake I made for Dave for the party. I took these the day before which was good because I bumped it on the way in to the fridge and it had a few problems before the party started. Still I was happy how it turned out! 

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