Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Car seats and Dessert

May 4, 2013
After 6 years we finally had to throw this car seat away. It expired and our little baby was old enough to get turned around so into the trash it went. Can't believe four kids went through this car seat. I remember putting it into the car for the first time and trying to put our new little baby into it to drive home from the hospital. Crazy how time flies, but good bye car seat and thanks for keeping four kids safe! 

Date night we headed to a a new theater that we had got a groupon for. The groupon was 12 dollars for two large drinks, one large popcorn, and two movie tickets. How could we pass it up when tons of movies Dave wanted to see would be coming out this summer? So I bought four and we hoped the theater was good. We got to find out when we went to see Iron Man 3 opening weekend. The theater is locally owned and small, but we were pleased with it. Turns out its right next to Leatherbys and we had a buy one get one free sundae. We weren't hungry yet so we decided to start with dessert. After dessert and popcorn at the theater we didn't have dinner, but hey occasional you have to break the one rule your parents gave you to not eat dessert first, right? We are excited for a summer of movies and getting to be real adults with popcorn and drinks! Thanks groupon! 

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