Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wisdom Teeth

May 8, 2013
After years of putting it off because I was scared I finally had to get my wisdom teeth pulled. One needed a filling and the other was cracked. It came down to either getting them fixed or paying to get them pulled. It sure was painfully and I ended up having to get more medicine because I was still in pain several days later. I asked my sweet visiting teachers to bring in a few meals which they did gladly. Mom also helped watched the kids so Dave could be there with me and drive me home. All I remember about it is them giving me the stuff and the room starting to spin. I asked if it should happen this fast and then I was gone. When I came too I heard her talking and talking and thought she would never shut up as she gave Dave the instructions. I was trying to wait until she was done so I could ask if I could take my tooth home because Lily wanted me to put it under my pillow for the tooth fair. Guess you can't do that. After they told me that I don't remember much. Dave said I mentioned my teeth hurting a lot and I basically repeated myself over and over. Feels weird to have them out now and I keep getting swollen and it feels weird. Hopefully I will get used to have four teeth missing from my mouth :) 

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