Sunday, April 7, 2013

St. Patricks Day

March 17, 2013
St. Patricks Day is always a fun day with the kids. This year it was on a Sunday so we were able to have dad home to help be a "leprechaun." Lily still believes in Santa, fairies, leprechauns, and everything else that is magical. I love it!!! I was so scared when she went to kindergarten it would all go away, but it hasn't. This is a letter she wrote to the leprechauns:
Translation: Dear leprechaun will you come to our house

 The "leprechauns" of course came and played tricks. Some of which included our milk and water turning green, leaving foot prints on the walls and mirrors, and turning the toilets green. The leprechaun also left Lily a note on the paper she left with the green mark she left. She loved it!

Translation: Happy St. Patricks Day, enjoy my tricks! 

An extra special trick was also played! Lily has about four to five teeth super loose, but refuses to pull them out because they hurt. While her and Kylie were playing one finally fell out into her hand. I cleaned up the blood in her mouth while Dave cleaned up the tooth. I mentioned that maybe the leprechaun pulled it out and guess also got turned green!

Lily was a little worried to give the tooth fairy a green tooth, but we explained that maybe she would get an extra surprise because of it. The tooth fairy gave her a golden dollar this time instead of a regular one :) 

We made cookies like always to maybe get golden from the leprechauns and for them to stop the tricks. They loved them, but didn't leave any gold. Instead they left golden wrapped chocolate and the girls were just as happy with that! 

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