Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter Activities

March 30-31, 2013
We like to do most of our Easter Activities the day before Easter Sunday so that we can save Sunday for the really reason of the holiday. Saturday morning we started by dyeing Easter eggs. Dave has asked to be in charge of this activity and he always does such a good job with the girls. 

 Then we did our "hunt" for there Easter baskets. Each egg has a clue to the next one and the last clue always leads to the living room and the picture we have of Christ hanging up with there baskets right beneath. This is always a lot of fun because the eggs are hidden all over the house and yard and the kids end up going up and down the stairs a bunch of times. 

 Each girl got there own basket, but I read a friends blog about how they do a family one and I think I will start doing that next year. I only have three large baskets so instead of buying one I thought it would be the perfect time to switch to one. Her idea behind it was the they got lots better stuff because the money could go to big gifts. I did buy a few Veggie Tales movies to share, but I think the idea of one is ingenious! Wish I would have thought of it sooner. 

Squirt guns are a must (Paiselys hand) this was a tradition of my family growing up

 New Sunglasses 

 And Kites and Chalk

 Later that day we went for a BBQ and egg hunt with the cousins at Gammies. The babies all sitting on the couch together were so cute! 

 The kids waiting for the hunt, the sun shining in there face was a bit of an annoyance. 

 Finding eggs. I was so proud of my girls. They consistently made sure that each of them were getting equal amount of eggs including Paisley. They shared all they found and were so sweet! I was one proud momma! 

 Easter Sunday was a nice peacefully day. We enjoyed our church lessons and had a family home evening lesson on the Resurrection. The girls are old enough now to start understanding, but I was a little disappointed when I heard Kylie say, "Are we going to do anything fun today?" I guess separating the activities didn't work like I thought. Disappointment, though, led to an idea that I am already excited to try next year. I am hoping it will become a family tradition and that it will really help the girls understand and enjoy all the parts of Easter.  

Here they are in the Easter Dresses. We found dresses for the two older girls that matched the ones we already had for the young two. They looked really cute together! 


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