Sunday, December 16, 2012

Picture Problems

Okay so two weeks ago I sat down to update the blog and it told me that I could not because I had no storage left. I started deleting posts and that did not work. Then something happened (dont remember what now) but I ended up having to stop blogging so I decided to figure it out later. Later that week I found that several people were having my particular problem and there were trying to find solutions so I figured that by the time I could blog again I would be able to know what to do. Last sunday I ended up getting the flu so I did not blog. That leads to tonight. My sweet sister in law showed me what to do it order to blog so I took the time to get rid of pictures and blogs. However it took longer then expected so I have no blogging time. So this week I promise to catch up on blogging now that I have room! Stay tuned :) 


Emily Fairbank said...

Looks like you might have deleted a few profile pics... easily fixed, but I am glad I could help. I hope it all works out for you!

tahir sumar said...

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