Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oakley Crawling and Sitting

November 17, 2012
Little Oakley has been on the move for awhile now (around 4 and half months-definitely a record for our kids!). She isn't really crawling it is more like getting up on all fours and flying herself forward or kicking herself off her feet. She actually can do it quite quickly and although I thought by now she would be really crawling she doesn't seem to mind how she does it as long as she gets where she wants too. She also has begun sitting. She is a little lazy about it though. She will sit for a couple of minutes before falling over and has yet to figure out how to get into it on her own. She would much rather be moving then sitting, a common thing in this household! She really is growing so quickly and we are just trying to love every moment! 

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