Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye Sally

November 21, 2012
A few days before Sally, are Honda, decided to start struggling. Turns out that the clutch was going. We had to make a choice: fix the clutch and a few other things costing around 1,000 dollars or trade her in for the same amount on a new car. This was not the time for a new car. We had just finished the basement and we really had hoped she would hold out on us until we could at least pay that off, but of course life happens! The other reason it was difficult was this is my first car. I have had this car since I went to college. She faithfully took me back and forth from Cedar City to SLC for four years. This was the car trashed at my wedding. This was the car I brought home four babies in. This was the car that helped us move into our new home. I have had this car for 10 years and it was hard to let it go. We decided that although she had been a good car to us we had been putting to much money into her the last few years and it was time to move on. Thank you Sally for being such a great car! 

So the day before Thanksgiving Day we headed out in search for a new car (Thanks Gammie for watching the kids so we could go!!) Luckily Sally did get us a 1,000 dollars trade in. Although it took us all day (we both hate car shopping!) We found this nice little car: 2010 Chevy Aveo with 20,000 miles on it. We really lucked out. This car was much newer then we thought we could afford and has much lower gas mileage. It is a small, simple car, but it has been great so far and has gotten 30 miles per gallon which was one of our biggest goals! We really are happy with out new selection, however one needs a name.........SO IF ANYONE HAS ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE COMMENT BELOW :) 

One little side note: It is truly amazing how the Lord provides for you when you pay your tithing! We had the money for a car payment because thankfully we try and live 200 to 300 dollars under our budget and put that money into savings. I was a little nervous, however, about giving up that money to a car payment instead of savings. A few days after our purchase it turned out that a girl that teaches at the studio I teach at would be leaving on a mission and they needed someone to take her classes starting in Jan. The extra two hours a week fit perfectly into our schedule and would give us almost the full amount of payment. At the same time Dave also got a call asking if he would be willing to start working the basketball games twice a week. This work would cover the second part of the payment. How truly blessed we felt and were amazed that everything fell into place as it did. Just wanted to make sure I shared that! 

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Desiree Collier said...

That is awesome! I am so glad things are working out. A name I thought of for you is Scarlet. Just a thought :) see you guys soon!