Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Break

 November 22-25, 2012
This year we were with Grandma and Grandpa Tatum. Since we had been car shopping the day before we decided to just stay the night and wake up at there house. The kids spent the morning like this:

While I spent the morning helping mom prepare and enjoying conversation with my mom and husband.

The table setting

 Add in some yummy food! 

The day was great! We were able to watch the parade on TV, relax by the fire, and have a super yummy meal! After food we headed to the movie theater and saw Wreck it Ralph. The kids loved it!  That night mom offered to watch the kids while we headed to black friday for things for her and us. We ended up getting all the girls gifts and loved that we didn't have to wait up until midnight. It did make the stores a little more crowded, but people were much nicer as well. We got everything on our list and were really happy with what we found for the girls. 

The rest of the break was spent relaxing and playing with our kids. We also set up the Christmas tree and decorations. The girls loved decorating the tree and it made it really easy for us since they wanted to do it all! Made us really excited for Christmas! 

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