Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oakley First Food

 November 4, 2012
So we decided to start Oakley on solids. Our doctor told us that they want people to start on veggies, then rice cereal, then fruits in hopes that kids will like veggies more. Oakley loves grabbing stuff from us and tries to reach for our food so we thought she would like it. We gave her green beans to start.

 See this face. She pulled it every time we gave her anything. 

Didn't turn out like expected. After she hated the green beans that she did not like, we tried rice cereal with apple sauce and got then same face. Then we tried just apple sauce. Still the same face. We are pretty sure that is not what the doctors meant, but she hated it so much that we wanted her to like it so we tried other things. We are wishing we would have just started with plain rice cereal like we did the other girls. That is the next plan...hopefully she will get used to it and start liking it, but we will see! 

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