Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Trick or Treating

October 31, 2012
The day started with Lily's school parade. We didn't go, but it sounded fun and my friend said Lily looked great. As soon as Lily was done we headed downtown to have lunch with Grandma Tatum and go trick or treating at her office. The kids came out with TONS of candy! So much that I was thinking they didn't even need to go trick or treating later! They had a blast seeing Grandma and being the center of attention. Once home we laid the candy all out and they traded! I love it because it always reminds me of me and Troy bartering over candy! 

We started a tradition when we first moved into the house that Mike and Dez come for dinner then the boys take the kids trick or treating and Dez and I pass out candy. So later that night they came over. Dave had to miss dinner because of his Masters class and they took the kids a little later, but it was still fun for the kids. 

Here they all are

 Paisley was a bear 

Kylie was Rupuzel 

And Lily was Cinderella again (third time in her short 6 years!) 

Oakley was a pumpkin, but she was really grumpy so we didn't dress her up and put her to bed instead! 

When the kids got home and we were chatting we looked down to find Paisley like this:
She had dived right in and got five suckers out to start it all! Quite funny! 

This is the candy they got while being out, but add the candy from Grandma's work and they are going to have candy long past Christmas! 

 Kylie's Candy

 Lily's Candy

It was a good day and they had a blast trick or treating minus the comments about it being to late (they got home by 8pm!) So next year we will have to go earlier, but luckily that will be easier because Dave will be done with his Masters! We actually didn't get very many trick or treaters this year either. I prepared for a lot more then we got so we had extra left overs, but thats okay :) 
Happy Halloween a little late. Hope your day was great! 

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