Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Swimming Lessons

August 6, 2012
Finally got my girlies into swimming lessons! We ended up doing them at Dimple Dell in Sandy because it was easier to get in there. Lily loved it and was thrilled to go each day. She loved learning new things and now knows how to go all the way under the water and has learned new strokes and even to float a little. 

 Kylie has always been our kid that was scared of the water. We put her in the lowest class and hoped that by the end if she just wasn't scared anymore then the money was worth it. She cried the first day until I pretty much told her she could not get out and she needed to go listen to her teacher. By the end she was listening to him and after she was done came up and said, "Can we do this again." She ended up trusting him enough to jump off the side to her teacher, swimming on her back with assistance, and she learned to put her head under the water. 

The girls are excited to move to the next levels and take more swimming lessons soon which is great! 

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