Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hair cuts

August 6, 2012
JcPenny did a offer for free haircuts for kids Kindergarten thru 6th Grade during August. We figured the girls we way past needing haircuts so we would take Lily for a free one and pay Kylie's.

Lily before. 
I really wanted it cut shorter, but she only wanted it trimmed.

 Lily after 
At least it looks cleaner and hopefully with grow in better :) 

 Kylie before 

 I was able to convince her to cut her hair short. It needed to not be so stringy. 
Kylie cute :) 

Then we had a surprise! While Kylie was getting hers done Dave asked the lady if she could do anything about Paisleys hair. Those that know her its all over the place and looks mess regardless of what I do! Its really thin and whispy. They said if she would hold still, they could cut it....So Paisley got her first hair cut! 


 She held really still and I think loved being big like her sisters! 

She looked so cute and they played into her crazy hair line so well! I love it now!

The best part was they ended up giving us them all free! I was planning on paying for Paisley and Kylies, but they said not to worry about it! Such a blessing and they all look great and ready for the new school year :) 

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