Friday, September 7, 2012

Funny Things

With kids comes funny conversations and things they say. Here are a few I just had to share! 

Dave to me: Why don't you, but alum on your cranker sore (I was putting salt on one)
Me: we don't have any, remember?
Kylie: Yes we do, dad, I will go get you an olive. (runs to the closet and brings Dave an avocado!) 
Apparently to Kylie a olive is an avocado and that alum means olive! 

Lily: Mom is this a bluray?
Me: No Lily
Lily: (after looking at the pink cover) Oh it must be a pink ray!

Sitting waiting for Lily's Kindergarten Assessment
Lily: Mom I want to do the best so I can go into the highest level of the kindergarten
Not really sure were she got this from because we have never been the kind of parents to push for the highest of things, but we are glad she is motivated to do her best! Thats all we really care about, is the best each of them can do!

On the way home,
Lily: Mom I got two of the answers wrong, does that mean I don't get to go to Kindergarten?"
Me: Of course you still get to go to Kindergarten, they just want to see where you are at skill wise."
Lily: Okay good, because I really want to go to school!

Got to love kids brains! 

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