Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kylie Turns 4

August 4, 2012
For the girls birthdays we always let them choose whatever they want for breakfast. Kylie wanted donuts so that is what we had. We then gave her a scooter for her birthday. Instead of waiting for the birthday celebration that night we gave it to her that morning so she could play with it.

That night we headed to Trafalga to go miniature golfing. Its what Kylie really wanted to do though I wasn't sure if she even knew what it was. We were joined by Grandma and Grandpa as well as Tad and his kids. They were going to be moving across the country the following Monday and it would be the last time we see them for awhile. We had pizza in the Pavilion outside then went inside and did the cosmic golfing. We all had a blast then headed back to the house for presents and cake and ice cream. 

At the house we were joined by Mike, Dez and the kids and Gammie. The drove Gammie to our house because she was having problems with her eye. Kylie of course loved all the attention. Kylie got so excited about opening even just cards from people. You would have thought she got the best thing in the whole world before she even looked at it! 

Opening card from Great Grandma Collier

The excitement I was taking about. This is what she did every time. 

 Gift from Uncle Tad, Cousins, Grandma, and Grandpa

 And from Gammie
She came out with a Rapunzel Tower, Rapunzel dress up, princess nail polish, princess lip gloss, and her figurine for this year. Should have been a Rapunzel themed party, however Kylie requested a heart shaped cake with Ariel in the middle. As I mentioned in Paisleys birthday post that I was going to do special cakes for each of the girls I came up with this:
I think it turned out pretty good! I was really proud of myself and Kylie absolutely loved it! My cute little niece said to my mom, "Aunt Katie didn't really make that did she? She bought it at the store and is just saying that she did it, hu?" Guess that means she thought it looked pretty good too! 

Kylie is getting so big! She is my sweet little soul. She has a hard time with us being mad at her and is always trying to please us. She is starting to get a little sassy, but it goes away quickly. She goes to her room when asked and loves helping. She has become very concerned with Oakley's well being and hates to hear her cry. Although we say it correctly all the time, Kylie calls the binkie a pinkie. Its really funny! She loves dancing, playing with her sisters, and loves to try and be like Lily. The older she gets them more interested she is getting in learning, which is good because I was worried for while that she would never want to learn her colors, letters, and numbers! She really easy my easy going child and even though she is more sensitive then the others she makes most days a lot easier by her sweet presence. Happy Birthday Kylie! 

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