Saturday, August 11, 2012

I'm Back and Rainbow Brite

May 30, 2012
Hello all again! I am back! This summer has been very crazy with our new addition and all the fun things there were to do. Not to mention Dave working at the Ranches, my working at ACT summer camps, and of course Daves masters classes! Needless to say I have not stayed on top of blogging and I am now two and a half months behind! So here is my attempt the next couple of weeks of catching up before the craziness of school starts. 

So now flash back to the end of May. We had our sweet little Oakley on May 20....this required me to do very little cleaning or anything else which needless to say is a difficult task for me. So I started watching movies with the girls. I am not a big fan of there choices so I figured if I would be watching with them I would choose ones I would enjoy as well as them. Enter Rainbow Brite. This was one of my favorites as a kid and when I saw it on Netflix I just had to show the girls. I think they liked is considering that this was almost and hour into the show and they were still glued! Too funny! 

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