Sunday, August 12, 2012

Parade, ACT, and Fireworks

June 6, 2012
Eagle Mountain has there Pony Express Days every year towards the beginning of June. Since we have lived here we have never been home to go enjoy the festivities. This year we were so we headed over to the parade that morning. The best part is that we could walk over to the street its located on. It was less then a five minute walk. 

Here the girls are waiting
  And Daddy

Sitting in the hot sun waiting.....

Oakley sleeping soundly

This guy entertained the girls as he kept flying over and they would search to be the first one to see him.

Finally the first firetruck got close and the girls headed to the street

It was super loud, but the girls loved it and the best part-They throw candy at this parade! 

The girls thought all the Royalty were Princesses

Iron Man and the other Avenger characters made an appearance 
 Lily got a high five from Thor
 It was a really super fun parade and the girls loved how much candy they got! Lily was a little picky with the candy she would take, but Kylie ran after everything. At first they were timid and the kids around them were getting more, but they soon got the idea and joined in! I have to say for the size of Eagle Mountain this parade was a pretty good was about and hour and a half, much longer then I thought it would be! 

After the parade I headed to my recital for the place I started teaching at, Alpine Community Theater Performing Arts Academy. I had only two students this year, but they were great to work with. The dance turned out wonderful and the whole show ended running great even though the rehearsal that day ran over and we started late! 

That night for Pony Express days they also did fireworks. They did them at the amphitheater just down the road. We talked about driving over to watch them, but after a long day decided not to. When they started I walked out to the back porch and could see them so I went to get the girls. Lily was so excited to get out of bed to come and watch, Kylie choose to keep sleeping. So Lily and I watched and enjoyed them together. 

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