Friday, June 29, 2012

Memorial Day Baseball

May 28, 2012
Memorial Day we always play baseball with the Collier side of the family. Afterwards we have BBQ then we go swimming. Its a tradition we look forward to every year. The last few years its been rained out so we have played volleyball instead at the church. This year it was finally not raining, but sadly with a week old baby I was unable to play. I sat back behind the plate with the other pregnant women and tried to enjoy just watching. So many people come and its always a blast! Here are a few pictures to show the fun! 

Lily hitting the ball....or trying to :) 

 Out in the field with Uncle Mike

Dave playing the field

On the side lines hanging out

Lily and Daves team

 Grandma Tatum came for awhile too. She kept me company and watched the kids play ball. 

 Back at the house I spent most of the time on the couch inside. I was not very talkative to anyone and was mostly trying to watch my girls and feed my baby. Joe was really sweet and talked with me on the couch while I feed Oakley. Because I was a little anti-social I did not get many pictures. However later when everyone had started to leave, Joe started playing with the girls. This was how the girls stayed on his back, there feet on this belt buckle.....we found it really funny. They love playing with there Uncle Joe and Emily and Joe finally got to see Oakley. As always the day was super fun! 

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