Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sisters, Bath, BBQ

May 26, 2012
We had lots of time to lay around and relax and that meant lots of time to hold there new baby sister. The girls loved having the chance to hold her and here are a few of my favorite moments I caught....

Oakley also had her first bath at home. She was very calm through the whole thing and just enjoyed it.  

All bundled up....

 This was after she was all done, but I love this picture because it is how she cute with her arms next to her face all curled up. 

Lastly we had a Math BBQ for Daves work. His mentor, John, is the one that hosts a BBQ for the whole department every year. The kids have a blast playing together and we all have a good time talking. This year they even had a soccer game in the back yard. Wish I would have taken pictures, but with a new baby I was a little overwhelmed. Always a fun time though! 

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Emily Fairbank said...

I love the picture of paisley and oakley. That is so cute! Your girls are great examples. I look up to your parenting and hope I can learn from you as AJ gets older.