Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baby Shower for Audrey

July 21, 2012
My sweet sister in law is having her first baby girl at the end of August. Since her sisters live at different areas of the country I offered to through her a baby shower. We went with a pink theme and a light lunch. Everyone pitched in- Cupcakes by Emily, Chocolate strawberries by Loretta Tatum (grandma), Salad by Gammie, and Bread by me. Thanks for all the help ladies! 

 When guests arrived they wrote advice on a diaper for Audrey to read later while changing diapers. 

 We played the game were everyone cuts a piece of string and tries to get it as close to Audrey's current size as possible. This one fit perfectly! 

 The other game we played was a baby word scrabble. 

 Then it was time for presents! This little girl will be super well dressed! She got so many cute outfits and blankets. 

 My daughters helped by giving the presents to Audrey. 

It really was such a fun day and we are so excited for our new niece to come!  Thanks for all who came and celebrated with us! Audrey and Matt will be such great parents and we love you guys so much!

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