Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Paisley turns two!

July 18, 2012
The weekend before Paisleys birthday we decieded to potty train her because she had been taking her diaper off and peeing and pooping around the house. We used the same three day potty training that we did with the other girls. She was scared of the potty as first, but quickly got over that. By the end of day two I thought "okay she is getting this." The only problem was that she would not really tell me she had to go, she would make and "oh" face and if I missed it she would pee on the floor. After I asked the lady that created the "three day potty training" e-book about it she said they she needs to tell me. By day five ( one day before her birthday) she was looking right at me and peeing refusing to tell and I lost all patience! This was the earliest we had tried to potty train any of our girls. I decided that it needed to be put off a little because Paisley was just not ready ( and I wasnt ready for the battle) so here are a few pictures of the first attempt. 

And this was just cute....she fell asleep in her closet on the floor...I almost panicked when I could not find her. And for those that don't know, Paisley likes to spin her hair around her finger when she is nervous, tired, and bored. (Just like her mom! :)  ) I love that you can see her finger in her hair in this picture! 

 Now onto the fun stuff- She turned two! We headed to the Aquarium 

 Grandma joined us there

 Dave burping Oakley for me 

 Grandma Tatum with all the girls 

 Paisley getting her smashed penny

 We then headed to the park for pizza, cake, and presents. We ate then let the kids play and relaxed while talking with the adults. Because our kids birthdays fall so close together this year I chose to let the kids choose an activity to do as a family and that we would invite the grandparents too. This way the kid would feel important, we would have fun, it would be less stressful for me, and we would not feel bad inviting all the family members to so many birthdays and having them feel like they have to give out kids something. Let me tell you it was the best! It was so nice to be able to enjoy the party instead of being stressed out and we had a blast as a family! 

We gave her an art easel and the sisters gave her different things to go with it. 

 Grandma Tatum gave her  a "snap on" minnie. We had a baby one at home that Paisley loved and I suggested to get more outfits for her. Paisley loves and plays with it at bedtime. 

 Card from Great Grandma Collier with two dollars!

 And a backpack with blanket from Gammie and Potts. She loves stuffing toys into it and walking around the house. 

The other thing I planned for this year instead of a big party was to make a special cake for each of my girls. This was my first cake since the decorating class, but I think it turned out pretty good!

Lastly after all the cake and more playing we headed to get snow cones. 

She really enjoyed her snow cone! I cant believe she is already two! She keeps me on my toes in every way possible. She is curious, smart, and loves talking. She is already using full phrases and can say all her sisters names. She is strong-willed, but also has a very lovable sweet side. She loves her little sister and tries to hold her as much as possible, sometimes without mom's okay. She loves food and will still eat anything you give her. Her least favorite, though, is cereal which I find really funny, because to our other kids its a staple. I love that she twirls her finger around her hair like I used too. She has so much spunk and loves life! I am glad she is here in our family and teaching me something new every day! Happy Birthday Paisley!  

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