Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pioneer Day

July 24, 2012
Pioneer Day is one of my favorite holidays! I love the parade, the fireworks, the BBQs! This year, however, we decided to watch the parade on TV then take all three kids and a one month old downtown that early. Gammie and Potts were kind enough to let us watch on there TV and we even ended up turning it to a breakfast with everyone there. 

Trying to get Oakley to smile 

 Kids on the trampoline

 No always having fun

 After breakfast Potts was nice enough to get into the pool with the kids. 

 Even Paisley got in, but did not let go of Potts for a second. 

 After awhile daddy joined the fun too. Thanks for a fun breakfast, swimming, and parade watching party Gammie and Potts! 

 That night we invited everyone over to our place for a bring your own meat and side to share BBQ. We ate yummy food then decided to watch Megamind. Once 9:30 rolled around we get to the fireworks. We asked anyone that wanted to bring some too, but we ended up being the only ones to buy some. It still turned out great though! 

Everyone watching the movie. 

 Girls doing sparklers 

And everyone watching the show that Dave and Sean did for us!
Happy Pioneer Day! Looking forward to another great BBQ next year! 

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