Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sisters and Family Visit

May 20, 2012
Here is Oakley ready to see her sisters. They won't give the new babies bathes until they eat twice. Oakley was not quite ready to eat yet. In fact she did not end getting a bath until almost day two because even though she ate several times, the nurses were two busy to come in and do it. It was a little annoying because I wanted the gross stuff out of her hair and eyes, but i guess thats just the ways things go sometimes. 

First up was Lily......

True to her nature she was thrilled with her new little sister. 

I love Lily's reaction to seeing her sisters hair! 

I love this girl so much! She has been such a big helper since her sister was born. She really was meant to be our oldest and loves each of her sisters so much! 

Next was Kylie, although excited, she is more shy with Oakley. She pays attention to her more then she did with Paisley, but usually only wants to hold her because Lily wants to and its for a very short amount of time. She does always make sure we are bringing Oakley with us and were she is in the house! 

Last was Paisley..... I was really scared for how she would take to the new addition to the family....

Happily she loves her! A lot....she kept asking to hold "baby."

She loves kissing her....and malling her.....and trying to carry her. But we are glad she is happy she is around! 

So here is to our new little family

Grandma had brought the girls and waited patiently while each of the sisters held Oakley, then it was her turn. She only received one daughter in this life, but I am definitely making it up to her with granddaughters :) 

Like I said, Oakley could not get enough of her....

Next was Audrey

And Uncle Matt

We were so glad that we could have family come and see our new little girl. We appreciate everyones support and love as our little family continues to grow! 

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Seth and Sierra said...

So cute!
I've never heard of that no baths thing until 2 feedings before...interesting.
We were hoping to be able to make the blessing today, but, sadly, I wasn't feeling too great this morning, and therefore wouldn't have made it in time :( Know we love you guys! Hope to see you soon!!