Thursday, June 21, 2012

Welcome Baby Oakley

May 20, 2012
On my due date we headed into the hospital to be induced. I really wanted to go on my own this time, but I was in so much pain and Dave would not be able to miss the last week of school (meaning he might have to miss the birth of his daughter) that we decided to be induced. At 38 weeks they checked me and I was dilated to a 3 and 60 percent effaced. The morning they checked me there had been no change. When we arrived we were the only ones there. It remained that way most of the day which was nice because we got full attention from the nurses :) By 9am I was on pictocin and so the day began. 

Dave's mom, Kathryn, had always wanted to see a birth so we invited her to see Oakley make her way into the world. Her other daughters have had to have c-sections and the third is due soon with her first, so its unknown if she will be able to delivery vaginally. Being number four, I didn't mind at all if she joined us in the event. It was nice to have an extra person to have conversations with throughout the day and she also was able to take wonderful pictures! So thanks those too! 

 For those that may or may not know, Oakley was born on the day of the eclipse. Dave's parents brought some glasses to look at it with when it was time. They were quite dark and I could not see a thing! But it did make for a funny picture! They also did come in handy later for the eclispe.

While I spend the day waiting to give birth I usually knit. It seems to help distract me and keep my mind off the progression....or lack there of. Dave and I also watched competitive cheerleading on TV (it was actually really amazing to watch!!) Once Daves parents arrived we chatted for awhile before Daves dad left and we spent the rest of the morning and afternoon chatting, knitting, and sleeping.

Dr. Barney came in around 11am to cheek the progression. I was at a 5.......and the contractions were getting worse so I got an epidural. After the epidural was done (I lucked out and got the same guy that did my epidural with Paisley! He was the best out of the three, now four!) The epidural had the same problem that it did with Paisley, a hot spot. It was not too bad, though and I did not want to be completely numb for hours so I just sort of dealt with it. As the progression continued, I ended up having to take care of it though, because the pain was getting so much to handle. Luckily the epidural was nice enough to stop the pain, but I could still move my legs slightly. This made it so that I never had a freak out moment about not being able to move!

Barney came back around 12pm and broke my water and I was still at a five. I thought for sure I would be further along, but I was not! Frustration began :( I know I should not have been frustrated, but I really didn't want to be sitting in labor all day when I remembered how fast Paisleys birth was! Near 4pm I finally reached a 10. They started to transform the room and then Dr. Barney came in. Three contractions and six pushes later and she came out! 

I was focusing on pushing correctly and getting her out quickly, but I had the same problem that I had with Kylie's birth. I was feeling really sick and like I was going to throw up. Dr. Barney had the nurses put alcohol wipes under my nose which really seemed to help the feeling and calmed my nerves. 

 Oakley Lin Collier was born at 4:23pm weighing 6 pounds 15 ounces and was 19 inches in length. She did not cry very much at all, just like Paisley. I was really worried about her being okay for some reason. I keep asking Dave if she was okay and had opened her eyes. They laid her down on me right away and of course I feel in love. She was beautiful and completely perfect. 

Then of course I sat there trying to compose my emotions and being poked myself while they took my baby away to poke and prod her and make sure she was okay. We had one placenta would not come out. Dr. Barney had to take a spatula of sorts and scrap it out......not painful at the time thanks to the epidural, but boy did it hurt later! 

 Dave always stays right there with our new babies talking to them and trying to keep them calm as possible. He always cries when they come into the world and is just the best dad ever! 

After they were done with her they brought her back over for a little skin to skin time. They have found that it helps the babies get used to the new world they are in and calms them. They ask you to do it as soon as you feel ready for it. I always have them bring the baby as soon as they possible can. I love this moment more then anything! 

I am so grateful that she came into this world healthy and strong. We were able to enjoy her sisters and family coming to visit just shortly after the birth........

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Kathryn said...

One of my favorite days in history! Thanks again for an unforgettable experience! Love You!