Monday, June 25, 2012

Knitting and Day 2

May 21, 2012
While we were at the hospital the girls stayed with Gammie and Potts. They had a blast making bubbles, eating strawberries, and swimming. Gammie also taught Lily how to knit so that she could make a hat for her new sister. She did a great job and it fit Oakley great! 

They tested it on the doll downstairs to make sure it would fit.

Day 2 at the hospital Gammie and Potts came back to see Oakley so Potts could hold her for the first time. She was finally cleaned up when they came so we got a few more pictures.

Potts loved his new little granddaughter

 And of course Gammie got to see her again too...

 We also were able to get a picture of both of us

While still at the hospital we also had Sean and Rachelle come visit us and the girls came again too. We loved having the visitors so thanks for coming! 

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