Monday, October 6, 2014

Train Ride for Kylies Birthday

August 18, 2014
Kylies birthday was a few weeks before we had Tate. She had requested a train ride like riding Trax, but we decided to do one better and do the Heber Railroad Train. I tried to get tickets for the Monday night of her birthday two weeks before her birthday, but they were sold out until the 18 so we took those tickets. It was a family pass that made it a little cheaper so we went with what we could get. Well Tate's arrival was earlier then expected so I had to miss out on this experience due to being in the hospital. It was so hard to not get to go, but Dave took lots of pictures and even video chatted with me a little. So I can't really say what happened, but do have pictures, so enjoy! 

They ate dinner at the Dairy Keen 

I was supposed to make a Rainbow Dash cake for her, but Grandma too care of getting her a similar cake to the one I had planned to make and Kylie loved it! 

She got to open gifts on the train. She got some cute new outfits and a LaLa loospsy doll. She really loved her gifts and going on the train with her grandparents and family. In fact I was told later that she said it was the best birthday ever! So glad :) 

This looked so fun and I wish a I could have gone, here are a few pictures I enjoyed! 

Cant wait to go again and enjoy it will these guys! Happy Birthday Kylie Mae! 

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