Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tate David Collier

August 17, 2014
After heading to the hospital I was hooked into machines and saw that Tate was doing fine. The nurse saw the contractions and asked if I wanted to be checked to see if I was progressing. Since we were there we said sure. I had been at 80 percent effaced and dilated to a 2 on my Thursday appointment. When she checked I was at a 3 1/2 and still 80 percent effaced. So we stayed for the hour and she checked again. This time I was at a 4. She was convinced and asked if we wanted to hang around more since we lived so far away and I was progressing. So we stayed, walked around, had contractions and after an hour I had progressed to a 5 so they admitted me to the hospital. Once in the room all progression stopped even though the contraptions kept coming. It was the middle of the night and I was trying to sleep, but it was difficult. By 4:00 am they were considering sending me home, but again the distance (30 minutes) made them nervous so instead they gave me petocin. This along with breaking my water kicked started things again. Around 6am I decided the contractions were a bit much and need some relief so I asked for my epidural. Once in I was able to rest a little while until one side started to stop working and I got a hot spot (you can feel all the contractions in one spot). I told them and the on call doctor decide to check my progression. I was at a 10 and full effaced so they decided to go ahead telling me that it was be good for me to feel the contractions to help push him out. I figured thats true because I could feel it just a little with Lily and it was helpful. I felt numb enough down there that I didn't think it was be a problem. So they started to set up and called doctor Barney. The contractions were really bad and she started to have me push while we waited for doctor Barney. Once he was coming down however, I felt everything and it was so painful! I looked at Dave at one point and said, "Please don't make me do this, it hurts to bad," as tears streamed down my face. Tate came out from start to finish in 7 minutes. Then I had to endure feeling them stitch me up. The whole thing was less then ideal and the pain was so bad when they put Tate on me for the first time I was barely able to enjoy it. Once stitched up I held him again and he was just perfect! Definitely a different experience then with the girls! 

Tate barely screamed when he came out and was really mellow. He ate quickly and easily, which was nice to not worry about breastfeeding. He had a little scowl like Kylie did and even a shading of red tint in his hair. So happy to have him finally here! 

Introducing Tate David Collier born August 17 at 9:49 am
8 pounds 6 ounces and 20.5 inches long

The kids came that afternoon to see Tate and feel in love instantly. They all loved holding him and Lily spent most of the time crying uncontrollable about how much she loved him and was happy he was here. She had a hard time letting go of him to let others hold him. They were all really great with him and I know they will be great big sisters.

And here is our little family.....not so little anymore! Cant believe we are a family of 7! 

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