Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Spider Web

Each morning for the last month as I would leave to drive the kids to school and see this spider web on our mailboxes. It started out small and each day would add more layers down towards the mail box strength it and making it more beautiful. The angle that I turned out of my driveway made the light shine through the web in such away that it truly was a thing of beauty. I started looking forward to seeing its progress and watch to see the new patterns that were created. I told Dave about the spider web and showed it to him. I explained that it was far more beautiful with the light shining through in the morning. He planned to look at it the following Saturday morning. Then the rain came and it poured for over 24 hours. There was thunder and lighting and by fair the worst storm I have seen in awhile. I thought for sure that the spider web would be gone from the falling rain. Sunday morning I went out to find out if my predictions were true, but I was wrong. The spider web was still there shining beautifully in the rain cover world. The added strength over the weeks I am sure sustained that web. Only a few days later the web was gone. I am sure it was taken down by my neighbors whose mailbox and tree it was resting between. I was a little disappointed by its disappearance, but grateful for the beauty I was able to see from it. The funny thing is that often we are told to "stop and smell the roses." This was my rose I think, but not necessarily the idea to slow down, but a sweet lesson that God taught me. I hope that you can take your own lesson from the story and remember that God will speak to us when we do stop to smell the roses or look at beautiful spider webs :) 

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