Monday, October 13, 2014

Lily Second Gymnastic Competition

October 4, 2014
Our goal for this second competition was to have her scores go up a little bit and she did great! She was against 11 girls again and places 7th or above in all her events. Floor was the only one that didn't go up, but we are not sure why. We think it may have been a more difficult judge, but we thought she did better then the time before. Regardless her overall score went up and we couldn't be proud! Great job Lily! 

 They got sunglasses and bandana for participating 

 They only gave ribbons/awards to the top 7 and Lily got one every time! 
Vault- 7th place 8.55
Bars- 7th place 8.2
Beam- 4th place 7.85
Floor- 6th place 7.85
Overall- 6th place (she actually tied for 5th, but they gave her 6th) 32.45

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